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I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Though most of us do not deserve these small freedoms, we need to keep staying alive. Maybe even spread the “message,” to enlighten those around up. The other term is; “WAKE THE FUCK UP.”

That’s why I try to fight this regime everyday. Freedom is everything. Let it encapsulate your soul and mind. Hit it hard and get fucked up people.

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Jay-Z - Holy Grail ft. Justin Timberlake

Blast this shit on high and lean in… DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ALBUM!

….Follow along if you like this shit. I do early releases of albums and shit. Burned a MCHG CD at 12:11 am and blasted this while smoking up.

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Jay-Z - Crown

DOWNLOAD Magna Carta Holy Grail

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Jesus, this beat goes in. Get high, and lean in…

Flatbush ZOMBiES - Palm Trees


nujabe said: Yo, I asked for the future movements for eath people album by yuri beats before you went offline for a few months. Sharebeast link ain't working, new link would be appreciated. Thank you.

I apologize. ICU for months. Are you still looking for it?

Here it is. If anyone hasn’t heard it, give it a listen. Great beats, outer space theme, what else do you need?

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Billy Woods ft. Aesop Rock - (prod. Blockhead)

Lean in and download

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The United States government will inevitably lose this war against its citizens. No longer should we fear the power of the oppressors. Instead we should re-program ourselves and attempt something valiant. I will continue to vilify this tyrannical regime for as long as air fills my lungs. 

Surprised, but thanks Asher Roth. ;)


I am trying this out again, after 3 months in the ICU. Let me know if any links are down. I got something good coming today. ;) 

Rhymes with Dilly Woods - Sour candy. 

Dour Candy. 

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Lean in and DOWNLOAD.

If you haven’t heard of Ronald Jenkees, then damn - you seriously need to hit up this youtube video, because he’s fucking incredible. New CD is coming soon, already got the DL - but I recommend you watch a couple of videos to see how much this guy is passionate about what he does. Lean in and listen. 

DOWNLOAD Ronald Jenkees’ first album and see what the deal is. If you want download Disorganized Fun while you’re at it, but I cannot provide a DL for his new one until the release date hits. That, and I spent all my money getting physical copies, fucking worth it. 

Check out his youtube channel. 

(Source: / ronaldjenkees)

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Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson - Dice Game DOWNLOAD

Damn, AB has always impressed me, every album and every collab - he knows how to pick his partners. 

Lean in… 

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Back from the hurricane, Sandy def took a bite out of me…Listen up - Earl Sweatshirt is in. 

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Lets bring an old one, Aesop Rock fans should really lean closer, it’s a RARE one. 

Fish tales, or The One That Got Away, or the prequel to the Harbor Is Yours, w/e it is, it cost me a $2/month to get, but I got it fo you guys fo free yo; DOWNLOAD

It’s been a while, I might keep doing a free track/album thing every couple of days, so lean in when you see it. 

(Lemme know if you want any of the older downloads). 

ultravioletbears said: your link for the ANX album is dead. Can you put up another link plz? thanks

Here you go:

Btw; i think because sharebeast is offline, a lot of my other stuff might be down too, so let me know if you need anything else. 

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There was no download link for this track, but I got the whole album anyway - at 128kbps, still worth the listen. 

Some instrumentals, maybe I’d rap to it one day.